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Artemis Vest

See her at her Seven Wonders of the Ancient World temple in Ephesus, and you will see a Goddess with hundreds of breasts to feed the world.  She was the moon and her twin brother, Apollo, the sun.  She represented the cyclical waxing and waning of life.  Once Patriarchal Greece re wrote her story she became a virgin huntress.  No longer capable of giving life, only taking it.

Made from Ikat hand loomed in Uzbekistan. Uzbek Ikat uses a technique, abrandi, "bounded cloud". It is a process of resist dyeing, bounding the warp yarns, which later dyed by hand, before being woven with the weft yards. Wearing Ikat robes was once equivalent to wearing gold medals, it’s artistry was recognized with prestige.

Our bespoke garments are made with your exact measurements and desired Ikat, by master tailors in Seydisehir, Türkiye. All our fabrics are sourced at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. After you choose your color we will send you photos of fabric options. After you pick your desired Ikat, it will take approximately 4-6 weeks to receive your custom garment.

Our Ikats are 80% silk 20% cotton

Dry Clean Only

Artemis Vest

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