Nida Lu was created from a romantic gesture.

An American Girl Traveling the World meets a Turkish Boy running a famous Tree House Hotel.  Boy buys girl some Traditional Turkish shoes, the rest is history.  Thirteen years of marriage later, they ‘ve traveled the world, started three businesses, birthed two children, Nida & Lu, and returned to the shoes that started it all.



About our Product


Being an ethnically mixed family we wanted to bring the culture and traditions from Turkey back to the US.  We have close relationships with the Families and Artisans making our product, and source ethically, using sustainable materials, real leather, recycled yarn and all natural dyes.


About our shoes

our shoes are handmade using a 700 year old Turkish shoe making technique.  We design in house and work with a family of Artisans in Gaziantep, Turkey, where they've been crafting shoes for generations.  We use five different kinds of leather, all organic and natural dyes. Each shoe is first moistened to soften the leather, making it pliable, then sewn together with cotton thread that has been soaked in beeswax.  This crafts a unique and well formed shoe that will last a lifetime.  we hope you enjoy our magic shoes created from love! 


about or Rugs


Rug Weaving is an essential part of Turkish culture passed down from mother to daughter. All our rugs are one of a kind, Handwoven by women in agricultural families.  When they are not busy in the fields, they weave to bring in an income for their families.  our rugs are made from repurposed Vintage Kilims with re spun recycled yarn and all natural plant based dyes.  We hope you appreciate our selection of rugs and the creativity, symbolism and stories each one will bring to your home!

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NidaLu Handmade by Nomads 2018